The Music of Boktai 3

Here you can listen to the soundtrack of Boktai 3: Sabata's Couterattack for as long as this playlist is hosted on YouTube. Shout-out to xDrHellx for uploading all of this!

This soundtrack is also hosted for download at Zophar's Domain.

Boktai 3's soundtrack was composed by Kazuki Muraoka, Masashi Watanabe, and Shuichi Kobori.

The third game's soundtrack keeps most of the Spaghetti Western-inspired themes of the second game, and dials it up to eleven. Electric guitar and more rock & roll conventions can be heard throughout, as well as a generally larger, more cinematic sound. The production team clearly wanted to go all out for the series conclusion.

East of the Sun & West of the Moon

[Listen on the Internet Archive]

Boktai Sound Rare Tracks: East of the Sun & West of the Moon was a limited-release soundtrack given out with early pre-orders of Boktai DS in Japan.

It contains previously unreleased orchestral versions of title tracks and other music from all 4 Boktai games.