Istrakan, the City of Death

Map of Istrakan from official guide (click for full image).
Istrakan, also called "The City of Death," and "Dark City," is the world setting of Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. It is described as having been ruled by Immortals (the game's vampiric antagonists) "since time immemorial," implying that the overarching conflict of the Boktai series, between life and death, has been in progress for a very long time before the game begins.
Otenko says that "ends of eras are interwoven here in Istrakan," and alludes to the fact that the Dark Matter causing the Undeadening is also bending spacetime and bringing different times and places together in Istrakan. This is given as an in-game reason for why monsters respawn after re-entering a dungeon, "the Undead you defeat can slip through the time fabric and recover," but it also comes back later as a major point in the Immortals' ultimate plot.
Suffice to say, Istrakan is a deserted land filled with Undead that no one left living dares tread.

Road of Encounter

First Location. Django arrives in Istrakan and meets Otenko.
Connects to Fog Castle and Calm Path.

Fog Castle


  • Decoy Count


  • Crows
  • Spiders
  • Ghouls
The opening dungeon of Boktai 1. Otenko has tracked the Count of Groundsoaking Blood to this castle on the outskirts of Istrakan, and summons the Solar Boy Django to defeat him once and for all. The Count is supposedly here recovering from a fight during which he mortally wounded Django's father, the Vampire Hunter Ringo. It turns out to be only a decoy. The Count completes his recovery and flees to Bloodrust Mansion.

Calm Path

Connects Road of Encounter to Small Cave.

Small Cave

Undead Dungeon. Connects Calm Path to Empty Passage.

Empty Passage

Connects Small Cave to Gate of the Dead.

Gate of the Dead

Undead Dungeon. Connects Empty Passage to Road of Farewell.

Road of Farewell

Connects Gate of the Dead, Catacomb, and Ancient Forest.


Undead Dungeon. Connects Road of Farewell to Road of Reunion.

Ancient Forest

Undead Dungeon. Connects Road of Farewell to Road of Reunion.

Road of Reunion

Connects Catacomb, Ancient Forest, and Sunwishing Plaza.

Sunwishing Plaza

Connects Road of Reunion, Bloodrust Mansion, and Solar Tree.

Bloodrust Mansion


  • Count


  • Ghouls
  • Klorofolun
  • Steps
A labyrinthine mansion filled with traps and puzzles. Django and Otenko track the Count here from Fog Castle. After confronting and defeating the Count, they rescue the Earthly Maiden, Lita, whom the Count was holding hostage in preparation for a sacrifice.

Solar Tree

The mighty Solar Tree was ripped from its home in San Miguel, the City of the Sun, and brought to Istrakan by the Immortals, in hopes that it would succumb to the Undeadening. After rescuing Lita from Bloodrust Mansion, she remains by the Solar Tree and will watch over any solar fruits you plant at its roots. Over time, as you collect more solar energy, the Solar Tree slowly heals.

Hill of Departure

Connects Solar Tree to Noname Fortress and Deserted Arsenal.

Noname Fortress

Undead Dungeon. Connects Hill of Departure to Southwind Passage.

Deserted Arsenal

Undead Dungeon. Connects Hill of Departure to Young Grass Path.

Southwind Passage

Connects Noname Fortress to Death Cliff.

Death Cliff

Undead Dungeon. Connects Southwind Passage to Forgotten Path and Field of Silence.

Young Grass Path

Connects Deserted Arsenal, Stairs of Trial, and Deserted Road.

Stairs of Trial

Undead Dungeon. Connects Young Grass Path to Withered Course.

Deserted Road

Connects Young Grass Path, Southwind Passage, and Crumbling Mine.

Crumbling Mine

Undead Dungeon. Connects Deserted Road to Field of Silence.

Withered Course

Connects Stairs of Trial, Field of Silence, Ruined Cemetery, and Baking Hill.

Ruined Cemetery

Undead Dungeon. Connects Withered Course to Byroad of the Beasts.

Byroad of the Beasts

Connects Ruined Cemetery, Baking Hill, and Azure Sky Tower.

Azure Sky Tower

Azure Sky Tower info tbd

Baking Hill

Connects Withered Course, Byroad of the Beasts, Rejected Road, and Firetop Mountain.

Firetop Mountain


  • Iron Golem Muspell


firetop info tbd

Field of Silence

Connects Crumbling Mine, Withered Course, Suffering House, and Frostbitten Path.

Suffering House

Undead Dungeon. Connects Field of Silence to Solitude Trijunction.

Solitude Trijunction

Connects Suffering House, Rejected Road, and Sealed Hill.

Frostbitten Path

Connects Death Cliff, Field of Silence, and Severe Cold Hill.

Severe Cold Hill

Connects Frostbitten Path, Blocked Road, Sealed Hill, and Permafrost.



  • Snow Wolf Garmr


permafrost info tbd

Blocked Road

Connects Severe Cold Hill, Stench Forest, and Northwind Passage.

Stench Forest

Undead Dungeon. Connects Sealed Hill to Rejected Road.

Sealed Hill

Connects Solitude Trijunction, Stench Forest, and Remaining Tower.

Remaining Tower

Undead Dungeon. Connects Sealed Hill to Wasteland of Chaos.

Rejected Road

Connects Solitude Trijunction, Baking Hill, and Dead Grassland.

Dead Grassland

Connects Rejected Road, Scar of the Land, and Forgotten Tomb.

Scar of the Land

Undead Dungeon. Connects Wasteland of Chaos to Dead Grassland.

Forgotten Tomb

Undead Dungeon. Connects Dead Grassland to Ancient Battlefield.

Wasteland of Chaos

Connects Remaining Tower, Scar of the Land, Delusion Forest, and Valley of Ice.

Valley of Ice

Undead Dungeon. Connects Wasteland of Chaos to Road with No Road.

Road with No Road

Connects Valley of Ice to Ancient Battlefield.

Ancient Battlefield

Connects Forgotten Tomb, Road with No Road, and Intersection of Fate.

Delusion Forest

Undead Dungeon. Connects Wasteland of Chaos to Northwind Passage.

Northwind Passage

Connects Rejected Road, Delusion Forest, Intersection of Fate, and Abyss.


Undead Dungeon. Connects to Northwind Passage.

Intersection of Fate

Connects Northwind Passage, Road with No Road, Ancient Battlefield, and Skyview Plaza.

Skyview Plaza

Connects Intersection of Fate, Sol City, and Taboo Hill.

Sol City


  • Crying Witch Carmilla


sol city info tbd

Taboo Hill

Connects Skyview Plaza, House of Darkness, Fallen Devil Castle, and Door to Darkness.

House of Darkness

Undead Dungeon. Connects Taboo Hill to Cursed Road.

Fallen Devil Castle

Undead Dungeon. Connects Taboo Hill to Shadowhiding Passage.

Shadowhiding Passage

Connects Fallen Devil Castle, Water Demon's Cage, and Door to Darkness.

Water Demon's Cage

Undead Dungeon. Connects Shadowhiding Passage to Field of the End.

Cursed Road

Connects House of Darkness, Fire Dragon's Grave, and Door to Darkness.

Fire Dragon's Grave

Undead Dungeon. Connects Cursed Road to Field of the End.

Field of the End

Connects Fire Dragon's Grave, Water Demon's Cage, and Door to Darkness.

Door to Darkness

Connects Taboo Hill, Cursed Road, Shadowhiding Passage, and Field of the End.
Teleport to Dark Castle.

Dark Castle


  • Hel, Queen of Darkness


dark castle info tbd