Here you'll find a list of websites related to Boktai in a myriad of ways. Many of these have been very helpful sources while setting up this website!


Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

Gamespot, 2003

Edge, 2003

EGM, 2003 [] [Magazine Scan]

GamePro, 2003

GameSpy, 2003

IGN, 2003

X-Play, 2003

Entertainment Weekly, 2003


Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

GameSpot, 2004

EGM, 2004

GamePro, 2004

IGN, 2004

Game Chronicles, 2004

Detroit Free Press, 2004

GameZone, 2012

Shin Bokura no Taiyō Gyakushū no Sabata


Lunar Knights

GameSpot, 2007

Game Informer, 2007 []

GamePro, 2007 []

GameRevolution, 2007

GameSpy, 2007

IGN, 2007

Anime News Network, 2007

GameZone, 2012

News & Writing

Konami to release special Boktai GBA SP [GameSpot]

Japanese Announcement of Boktai GBA SP [ITmedia]

Nintendo Power vol. 185, November 2004, pgs. 112-113 [PDF]

Future Kojima/Inafune crossovers unlikely [Eurogamer]

The Kojima Game That Made You Play In The Sun [Kotaku]

Making Bad Hardware Design Fun: Remembering Boktai [USGamer]

How the 'Boktai' Series Lost Its Identity [Vocal]

ON THE END OF ALL THINGS: Dark Souls on the GBA in 2003 [Medium]

When Hideo Kojima invited us to play with the sun [NewsBeezer]

NASA Announces That You Won’t Be Able to Play ‘Boktai’ Anymore After the Sun Dies [Hard Drive]

Art / Sprite Galleries

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Art Gallery [Creative Uncut]

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand sprite sheets [Spriter's Resource]

Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand Screenshot Gallery [The King of Grabs]

Boktai 2 sprite sheets [Spriter's Resource]

Boktai 2 Character Portraits & Crossover Art [Sprites Inc.]

Boktai 2 Background Art [Sprite Database]

Boktai 2 Screenshot Gallery [The King of Grabs]

Megaman Battle Network 4 Boktai Crossover Sprites [Sprites Inc.]

Boktai 3 sprite sheets [Spriter's Resource]

Boktai 3 Crossover Sprites & Art [Sprites Inc.]

Boktai 3 Screenshot Gallery [The King of Grabs]

Lunar Knights Concept Art Gallery [BoktaiHQ]

Lunar Knights sprite sheets [Spriter's Resource]

Boktai DS Crossover Sprites & Art [Sprites Inc.]

Megaman Star Force Boktai DS Crossover Battle Chip Art [Sprites Inc.]

Boktai Sprite rips & animation studies [Pixel Digest]