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About Lunar Knights


Lunar Knights is a reboot/spiritual successor to the Boktai series, and the final game set in the Boktai universe. The game was released for Nintendo DS on November 22, 2006 in Japan, and on February 6, 2006 in the US.

In Japan, the game was called ボクらの太陽 Django & Sabata (Bokura no Taiyō: Django & Sabata), literally "Our Sun: Django & Sabata," and abbreviated to Boktai DS.

This game, by virtue of running off of a Nintendo DS cartridge, eschews the use of a solar sensor, and instead implements an in-game day/night cycle and weather system. However, if a player inserts any of the Boktai cartridges into the GBA slot of their DS, the game will add any sunlight detected through the Boktai cart to the amount of sunlight/moonlight generated by the in-game weather system.

Learn more about Lunar Knights by checking out the game's Wikipedia article, or from some other sites and wikis which you can find on my Links page.

How Can I Play It?

Unfortunately, Lunar Knights has not been released on any modern hardware since its initial release.

Play via emulators is somewhat easier than that of the Boktai games, due to the lack of a solar sensor. It is also possible to play the game on 3DS, via cartridge or homebrew.

My history with Boktai

When I was 10 or 11 years old I played and fell in love with the Mega Man Battle Network series. This series, via a crossover quest in Mega Man Battle Network 4, led me to discover the Boktai series.

My parents managed to find Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django for my birthday one year, and the graphics, music, story, world, and gameplay, all took root in my adolescent brain, and haven't left since.

I love these games. Looking back, I'm grateful this weird concept ever got made, much less spawned three sequels. I'm excited to finally try to build the website I wish existed, and compile all of the available information about all things Boktai in one place.

About the site

Use the four links at the top of each page to switch to the relevant information for the corresponding game. For example, clicking 'Boktai 2' at the top of the Music page will take you to the music page for Boktai 2. And so on.

This is a personal project that I'm working on in my free time, so it'll likely take a very long time before a significant amount of information is available. If you'd like to buy me a coffee for those late night site updates, you can throw me a tip on my Neocities page. Thanks!